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Agriculture and Fisheries, 1937


Last Sunday (May 13th) first bookmarket of the season on the Lange Voorhout. Beatiful weather, lots of new (old) stuff, total contemplation. And a great find: a book, published to ‘commemmorate’ a suspended ministry because it merged with Economic Affairs. History having repeated itself in 2010. The book has a number of treasures: the cover is by Fré Cohen, a succesful female graphic designer working in the 30’s (died during WWII); a couple of hand-lithographed colour prints, one printed on pink paper, one sporting rather artificial looking waterdroplets on tulip leaves; a statistical map, showing the density of chicken farms (one dot = 500 chicken); a fold-out map, printed in 22 spot colours (+ black). The book contains myriad photographs of farms, poultry, cattle, fruit trees and the like. Frontispice by graphic designer Pierre Marée, illustrations by Koos Mollier.

‘L’Agriculture aux Pays Bas’, publ. Government Printing Office, The Hague 1937, 198pp, 225 x 315 mm