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70 Years of TATRA


A handsome, well printed book from 1967, slightly smaller than A4 (landscape), 128 pages bound in cloth. Languages are English and German so this was obviously for international marketing purposes.
Fom the book’s introduction:
“The pages of this book recall some of the remarkable products of the world-reknowned Chechoslovak TATRA Motor Works […]. The designers of the TATRA Motor Works were always among the leading pioneers of modern engineering who wrote history of the automobile. More than once, their achievements influenced the entire trend of world development in this field.” Being the third oldest car maker in the world, they are forgiven a slightly boasting tone.
The book is a mix of old glory in car racing, spectacular six-seater air-cooled rear engined luxury cars and heavy lorries, Tatra’s sole product after 1999 with a strong reputation for many Dakar Rally’s victories.
From the last words in the book: “This marks the close of the chapter in the history of human struggle and technical progress called 70 Years of the TATRA Automobiles.”

Book design is by Vladimír Bidlo (1926-1997), a Czech graphic designer, well known for his film posters in the late fifties and sixties.

See film: Autism – Two Tatras – Artyč