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Salvo: The Sneezing Man


¶ The portrait photographer takes a picture of Jim. At the exact moment he opens the shutter, Jim sneezes. On the photo, Jim is not recognizable. The photographer doubts whether this result is still a picture of Jim, or just a blur on paper. ¶ The street photographer has been walking all day taking many pictures. At the end of the day he asks himself whether it would not have been better to stay put and take all those pictures from the same position. ¶ The nature photographer has been concentrating on photographing a rabbit from his camouflaged position. As he takes his picture, an eagle grabs the rabbit. After printing the photograph, the photographer also sees that a fox had entered into the frame. It is the best photo-graph he has ever taken. ¶ The astrophotographer takes a picture of a far away galaxy with an exposure of many hours. When he sees the result, he wonders if the colours are actual colours from space or whether his own equipment has created them.

Introduction of Salvo, The Sneezing Man

Those kind of questions, situations, thoughts and coincidences, all related to photography and motion, are the subject of this book. At first sight, motion is the opposite of a principle characteristic of photography: stasis. But is this really the case? Through various experiments, investigations and propositions, Salvo shows that motion and stasis are intrinsically connected. Photography arrests motion in order to be recog-nizable as photography. But what precisely is the nature of this arrest? How do we locate their intertwining? Where does motion stop and where does photography begin?

Salvo, Makes and Shakes PhotographySalvo, Makes and Shakes PhotographySalvo, Makes and Shakes PhotographySalvo, Makes and Shakes PhotographySalvo, Makes and Shakes PhotographySalvo, Makes and Shakes Photography


Salvo’s periodical for Photography nr. 2
Softcover, 88 pages
dimensions 170x240mm
published: February 2014 
edition of 400
Price: €15 plus shipping costs

Salvo can be purchased from a selection of very nice book shops as well as directly from SALVO.

Salvo team: Anne Geene, Arjan de Nooy, David de Jong, Sander Uitdehaag and Vincent van Baar

Salvo Makes and Shakes Photography